Production, Services

Firm “Eldoradas” manufactures the following: “Banga”, “Banga 45” steel roofing, trapezoid profiles for TPS roofing, TPA and TPB wall coating, ridges, windward plates, details for tinning chimneys, snow fences and other components of roofings and wall coating, angles for gypsum cardboard fences of walls and ceiling, fastening components. In addition the firm cuts metal from rolls into strips, which may be coiled, trims and flexes tin and metal, manufactures structural profiles.

Firm “Eldoradas” sells different rainwater gutter systems, roof windows, and plain tin; from the material provided by the customer profiles, trims, flexes tin, and packs tin into smaller rolls. Furthermore, the firm “Eldoradas” carries load by international routes to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.