About Us

In 1998 firm “Eldoradas” started to manufacture in Lithuania “BANGA” tegular profile steel roofing of a new generation according to a new technology of Finnish Firm “Samesor”. A new product has no deficiencies characteristic of previously manufactured metal roofings and features certain benefits: a possibility to adjust length of the roll-formed section of a tile from 275 mm to 450 mm allows roofing roofs both with low and high slopes as well as adapting roofing to an old lath of the roof reconstructed.

In addition to the modern tegular profile steel roofing “Eldoradas” manufactures trapezoid profile roofing and wall coating for dwelling houses, industrial and public buildings as well as profiled coating designed for interior finishing and roof components, i.e. ridges, windward plates, windowsills, and etc.

Swedish Concern “SSAB Tunnplat AB” and Belgian Concern “Cocreill Sambre” supply polymer coated steel sheets, whereas strict production quality control according to the technical requirements of the firm standard ĮST 5103974-1:1998 and working drawings ensures firm production quality, corrosion resistance, perfect looking, durability, and suitability to use in climatic conditions of the Baltic States. All this is confirmed by the Certificates No. SPSC-6014, 6015, 6016, and 6017 issued by the Building Production Certification Centre of the Republic of Lithuania.

Besides, the firm sells rainwater gutter systems, fastening elements, and structural parts.

Sales network of “Eldoradas” covers the market of Lithuania, Russia, CIS countries, and Latvia.

Firm “Eldoradas” is interested in a possibility to sell “Banga” metal roofing, its newest production in the regions of Your country as well.

“BANGA” tegular profile steel roofing of a new generation features perfect quality and offers to a building a state-of-the-art style. You and you personnel are welcome to discuss the commercial offer on cooperation. Your responses are welcome as well. We are ready to send detailed information by the address specified by you.