Profiled Roofing

When choosing roofing you should consider its nice form, corrosion resistance, durability, easy and simple fastening, and suitability to use in our climatic conditions. After analysing all these requests the firm “ELDORADAS” started to manufacture the popular steel roofing “Banga” and “Banga 45” applying the state-of-the art Finnish technology.

Production of the firm is in line with technical requirements of the standard and offers the following benefits:

  • in the joints of the roofing sheets a capillary flute is formed preventing water leakage under tae roofing;
  • a plane surface of 85 mm formed between the roll-formed sections of a roofing tile and leaning on the lath ensures roofing solidity and stability;
  • the edge of a tile is formed in such a way that there is no need to tighten the joint of two sheets by self-threading screws;
  • water stream running down the roof slope distributes evenly on the plane surface of 85 mm available between the roll-formed sections of a tile;
  • a possibility to adjust length of the roll-formed section of a tile from 270 mm to 450 mm allows roofing roofs both with low and high slopes as well as adapt roofing to an old lath of the roof reconstructed.


Besides, the firm manufactures trapezoid profiles for TPS-20 and TPS-43 roofings. Usually these profiles are used for reconstructing roofings of industrial buildings as well as for reconstructing old roofings.

Skilled experts of our firm will measure and calculate all the measurements necessary for roofing precisely and will advise in choosing a roofing profile and colour.


Sheet length up to 8 m



Sheet length up to 8 m



Sheet length up to 10 m



Sheet length up to 10 m