Rainwater Gutter Systems

“Lindab Rainline” is a modern, functional, nice looking, easily and reliably assembled system of joints.

“Lindab Rainline” round system: 125-150 mm gutters and 87-100 mm rainwater pipes are manufactured from 0.6 mm thick steel coated by aluminium-zinc and from both sides by a 100 mm thick layer of plastisol. The system is painted by white, sombre grey, cherry, brown or black colours. Gutters and pipes are available in standard lengths. Gutters: 2, 3, 4, 6 m. Rainwater pipes: 3 and 5 m.

Rainwater gutter system

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Standard sizes

Rainwater pipe


Di/d L
87 3-5 m
100 3-5 m
120 3-5 m



D, mm d, mm
123 17
155 17
192 22


Round system: 120 mm gutters and 90 mm rainwater pipes are manufactured from white and brown PVC.
3 and 4 m long gutters, 3 and 4 m long rainwater pipes are available.
The system is jointed by gluing.

Rainwater gutter system from PVC “Regency”

Rectangular system: 70×125 mm gutters and 70×70 mm rainwater pipes. Length: from 2 to 4 m. Colours: white, red, brown.
Round system: 25 mm gutters and 74 mm rainwater pipes. 4 m long. Colours: white and brown. Rainwater gutter systems are jointed by using rubber gaskets and clamps. The system is easily assembled.

Rainwater gutter system from steel coated by zinc

125 mm gutters are 2 and 3 m long; 87 mm rainwater pipes are 3 m long.